How to Edit MS Word 2016 Document?

                                     Office 2016 editing error
MS Word has become an important part for every computer users. Microsoft Word is basically a word processor that is developed by Microsoft. It is used by the students as well as for the business purpose. Recently Microsoft Office has recently released Office 2016. And many people have started using it, as it has a lot of new features in it. It is the latest as well as the advanced version of Microsoft Word. But on using this advanced version, many people are facing problems in using this application; some the issues can be fixed in an easily, but one of the frustrating problem with MS Word 2016 is that it do not give you the option to change or edit is the word file. It generally happens due to some internal problem and this can be fixed by following few manual steps.

Manual way to make the document file editable

In order to edit the Word file in 2016 version, you have to disable the document protection. And in some cases, you are not allowed to edit if it is protected by the password. In such cases, you have to type the password each and every time you have to access the word file. But instead of that, you should disable the document protection, and then the password has to be removed. In order to do this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:
Step 1: First you have to open the Word 2016 document that was creating the problem
Step 2: Go to the File then select Options, then choose Customize Ribbon and then select Developer
Step 3: Go to Document Protection from the Protection group, 
Step 4: After that go to the bottom of the panel, and then click on Stop Protection
Step 5: Then set the password for the document and then click OK.
After this step, you would be able to edit the Word document. And if you are facing problem in following the steps mentioned above, then, in that case, it can be fixed with the help of PC Repair Tool. Using this application, it can easily fix the issues with the MS Word 2016. Most importantly, this software is very easy to use.
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