Angry Birds Action For PC WINDOWS XP/7/8/10 or Mac Download Link

Angry Birds Action For PC 1Angry Birds Action For PC. hey bro you must now this games , yups angry bird but now in new version Angry Bird Action ,

Deep down, I want another ‘pure’ Angry Birds game like the first one – devoid of free to play mechanisms and full of challenging physics based puzzles. Angry Birds Action! isn’t that game, but it is quite entertaining — even if it is a little random at times.

Angry Birds Action! is essentially a cross between pinball and billiards. You have to fling a bird around an arena bouncing off of obstacles and walls in order to cause plenty of damage, while at the same time collecting various bits and pieces. Flinging your bird is simple enough. You drag your finger behind them, aim the direction you want them to take, then release. A line shows you exactly what their trajectory is going to be, as well as if they’re going to ricochet through a different route. It’s simple stuff; the kind of thing that a small child could pick up on. The trickier part is doing all of this successfully.

1see in new version angry bird action game will look like pinbal games, Each level offers a myriad of things to pay attention to. While early stages might ease you in gently, you’ll soon find yourself having to keep an eye out for solid walls that require multiple blows, or wind machines that try to push you around.

Timing is important here, allowing you to dodge these intermittent machines where possible. Fortunately you have the assistance of numerous different types of bird. While Red is the general all-rounder, the yellow bird allows you to move quickly through such obstacles, but without the strength needed to destroy them. The black bird is also a bomb, exploding on impact, and taking out plenty of barriers.

he bird typically bounces around, doing its thing until it loses momentum; if all the eggs weren’t released, one gets to go again, up to the amount of times allowed. Yes, the idea is to release all the eggs with the fewest tries.

you also can play in the pc/laptop to get view size screan big , so you can see detail games and play games more great . so follow steps bellow to download in our pc .

download Angry Birds Action for pc windows xp 7 8 10

1. Open your PC or Laptop and then you must to install bluestacks , This is an third party service with an Android Emulator that it can run on your PC.

2. After it, Lets open your Blustacks application and then search the menu Play Store. This is verry usr friendly, just like if you use your mobile phone or tablets. This is verry simple. And then find the Angry Birds Action For PC and install it. Wait untill the instalation process finished and open that applycation games and let get fun with this feature, dont forget to find Angry Birds Action For PC  sign up link for first.