AUKEY PA-S10 PowerHub Mini Review

AUKEY PA-S10 PowerHub Mini Overview

AUKEY is pretty well-acknowledged for its well known chargers, battery packs, cables and other smartphone add-ons. The company also results in some relatively spectacular USB hubs, and the PA-S10 PowerHub Mini is a terrific one particular to decide up, at least on paper. With it getting two AC outlets  and 4 USB ports, it seems to be a fantastic hub to decide up in this day and age of many persons needing to demand several devices each individual and each and every day. But how well does it stack up?

The AUKEY PA-S10, which we will refer to as the PowerHub Mini from now on, begins at all-around $19.ninety nine on Amazon. Which is truly a pretty fantastic cost for what you’re receiving in this article. As we mentioned previously, there are two AC stores in this article (whilst it takes up just one particular), as well as 4 USB ports at the base, which output at 2.4A or 6A full. So these are not Speedy Demand able USB ports, but these will work just good for charging smartphones right away. It’s a relatively compact charger from AUKEY, considering how a great deal electricity it truly has within.

Considering that this is a compact PowerHub Mini from AUKEY, it can make it terrific for vacation. Which is precisely what we did with it, for the duration of the review interval. We’ve taken it on modern trips to diverse launch situations, and it worked terrific in the hotel room. Looking at as hotel room stores are usually pretty sparing, getting this at our fingertips designed confident that we were in a position to demand almost everything we needed as well. It’s also compact and compact, so it did not get up a great deal space in our bag. The only factor that we would change with the PowerHub Mini is truly the truth that the outlet’s prongs are not foldable. If all those were foldable, it would be excellent for vacation. Of course, that would also make the outlet a bit larger.

The 4 USB ports do encounter downwards, which seems like it would not be a fantastic notion, but it does work to keep cable management leading notch. As an alternative of getting them coming out of the leading of the charger, in which cords could get tangled relatively conveniently as well as search a bit a lot more messy. Charging smartphones and other devices working with these USB ports worked just as you’d expect. As mentioned previously, these do not help Qualcomm’s Speedy Demand three., but it does output at up to 2.4A, which is on par with the speed of Speedy Demand 2.. So you’ll nevertheless get some fast charging, it’s just not Qualcomm’s normal. And if you’re charging right away, that won’t matter that a great deal, because your phone will nevertheless be billed when you wake up. Charging points like exercise trackers, smartwatches and other devices also worked beautifully good in this article. Now when it comes to the AC stores in this article, that is undoubtedly a great touch. Specially because AUKEY didn’t just adhere to offering us one particular outlet, but two. This is fantastic mainly because you can demand your notebook and nevertheless have an additional outlet for something else. It’s a fantastic way to expand the stores you have at dwelling, without the need of receiving a huge 8-outlet surge protector, which we all possible have a lot of.

The true PowerHub Mini is designed fo plastic, and it’s only available in black. It truly appears pretty decent, but we did observe that the base aspect of the front is a lot more of a shiny plastic, and it can get scratched really conveniently, as you’ll see in the photos in the gallery beneath. The the vast majority of all those scratches arrived from traveling in a bag, so you can think about how terrible it’ll get following a ton of vacation. But, it’s an outlet, so it’s not like this requires to be the greatest hunting gadget in your bag – like your smartphone or notebook. In any other case, the layout is truly rather negligible and appears definitely fantastic.

AUKEY’s PowerHub Mini is available for $19.ninety nine. That is a pretty fantastic cost for what you’re receiving in this article. It’s not rather a complete USB hub nor a surge protector, but it features up the greatest of both of those worlds. And with many devices charging in excess of USB these days, there is pretty much no need for plugging each individual gadget into its personal outlet, when you can plug several USB cables into one particular outlet.

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