Complete steps to get rid of Mortal Kombat X Errors, Random Crashes, Low FPS, Not Starting

Mortal Kombat X errors
Mortal Kombat X is one of the famous games but errors make it very irritating, here you will get the complete solution to fix Mortal Kombat X errors. Common Mortal Kombat X errors: Low FPS, Game Not Starting, Random Crashes, login error.

Kinds of Mortal Kombat X errors:

1. Mortal Kombat X Crashes:
When user tries to start the game then this kind of error occurs. Forums are packed with the questions related to this game’s errors. Some error questions are:

“I can’t even play the game when I go to single player and then single fights my game just crashes.”
“As soon as it loads a single player fight the game crashes, story mode isn’t available?”
“The title continuously crashes after a few moments from starting it. Any idea why is this happening?”
2. Mortal Kombat X Low FPS:
Lots of players have been complained about the FPS errors, some players are unable to get rid of FPS cap and getting determinedly appalling FPS like 15-30 FPS.

General Scenario:
 “I have i7 GT 650M and 8 GB RAM and my game won’t go higher than 15 fps with lowest settings any ideas?”
“60fps is great and all, but I WANT MORE. Unlocked fps is always better”
“The game runs smoothly at 60fps for fight scenes only, cinematic scenes only at 30fps everything in game should run at 60fps, a patch needs to be released to fix that. On top of that dlc that is supposedly installed really isn’t, characters are also missing after “all” dlc is installed. The game is graphically beautiful and more brutal than the old one.”

Other Common Errors

·        Mortal Kombat X Login Error
·        Mortal Kombat X Not Starting
How to Fix Mortal Kombat X errors?

You can get rid of this error with the help of manual methods but it is very difficult to apply, to repair game error you can apply an automatic way. Through this way you can easily fix your game errors without need of any professional knowledge. Through thisGame Error Repair Toolone easily make their game smooth and error free. This tool also allows you to fix any type of system errors, repair Windows registry, fix dll errors etc.