Dell Latitude 7212 Tough Tablet for All Extreme Jobs

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Dell officially announced the Dell Latitude 7212, an IP65 and MIL-810G certified rugged tablet model on the 2017 IFA title this year, the Dell Latitude 7212 has various tough specifications ready to deploy on all sorts of extreme jobs ranging from construction jobs, emergency services such as natural disasters and armed conflict, to the military field.

Dell Latitude 7212 Review

Dell Latitude 7212 Can survive in extreme temperatures, this tablet can still operate in the temperature range between -29 to 63 degrees Celsius.

The successor of Latitude 7202 is equipped 11.6-inch screen panel Full HD 1080p resolution screen. For jeroannya can be configured with support for 6th or 7th generation Intel processor. In addition to offering 8GB or 16GB of RAM, this latest Dell rugged tablet also has a 128GB to 1TB SSD storage option and two separate 34Wh battery support options capable of powering the device up to 19 hours.

Dell Latitude 7212 is available and can be ordered now through Dell’s official website with a starting price tag of USD $ 1,899

For the operating system, Dell Latitude 7212 has options that can be determined by the consumer. If you want a newer operating system, can choose Windows 10 Pro platform. As for the Windows 7 Pro platform is also available if it requires a longer operating system.

The tablet is also built-in with USB-C, GPS, 4G LTE modem along with a number of accessories such as removable battery packs, external charger batteries, clip-on module for I / O port and card reader.