‘How To Enable Windows Biometric Framework’ And ‘Add Fingerprint’ In Windows 8 or In Windows 8.1

For those of you who have ‘Biometric Fingerprint’ scan on their systems are likely to come across the problem of, ‘To use this product.Windows Biometric Framework must be enabled’ in Windows 8 and might likely not see that in Windows  8.1(if forestalled in previous Windows 8). This problem is due to the reason  ‘Authentec Fingerprint’ driver missing from your system. The publishers of the driver website has recently been down for some reasons best known to them. 

Image of Authentec Fingerprint Driver Setup warning dialog

However, for those using Windows 8 can look for alternative source to download the ‘Authentec Fingerprint’ drivers for the different system architecture, the x86(32 bits) or x64(64 bits). If you downloaded the incompatible ‘Authentec Fingerprint’ lately you can also experience this problem when installing it. To find solution to it is to Google for alternative site hosting the particular ‘Authentic Fingerprint’ driver meant for your system and download it. For those of you running Windows 8.1 there is no need of downloading any thing as it has been integrated by Microsoft  into your Operating System(OS) from the cloud, if you installed it in your earlier Windows 8 version . 

To enable Biometric Framework in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 follow the instruction below.

a)  For those of you using Windows 8:

Image showing Windows + R key

STEP 1: Press the Windows +  R key simultaneously to open ‘Run’ .

Image showing red arrows pointing to process

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste    gpedit.msc   into ‘Run’ and click ‘OK’ to continue.

Image showing red arrows pointing to process

STEP 3: Select the ‘Option Administrator Template’ and double click on  ‘Windows Components’  to the right-hand side of the dialog to continue.

Image of red arrow pointing to Biometrics

STEP 4:  Next double-click ‘Biometrics’ to continue.

Image of red arrows pointing to process

STEP 5: Right-click on ‘Allow the use of  biometrics’ and click ‘Edit’.

Image of red arrows pointing to process

STEP 6 : Select ‘Enabled’ on next dialog , click ‘Apply’ and click ‘Ok’ to exit the window.

b) For those of you using Windows 8.1:

Image showing Change PC Settings

STEP 7:  Move your mouse cursor to the extreme right-hand corner below on your screen and click ‘Settings’ and click ‘ Change PC Settings’.

Image showing white arrow pointing to Accounts

STEP 8:  At ‘PC Settings’ click ‘ Accounts’ to continue.

Image showing arrows pointing to process

STEP 9:  Click ‘Sign-in options’ and under ‘FINGERPRINT’ to the right-hand side of the dialog click ‘Add’ .

Image showing Add a fingerprint to this account in Windows 8.1

STEP 10:  Scan the finger you want to use to log into your system repeatedly until process is complete.

Source: http://all4naija.blogspot.com/