How to Fix Uninstalled Program Errors?

  •  “Programs cannot be found”
  • “Application still in use”
  • “Application cannot be removed”

These are the few error notification that we get when there is uninstall error. Whatever uninstall error you are getting there are way to resolve the issue. Uninstalled program errors are very nauseating as you have uninstalled the program for the reason that you don’t want in your computer. In spite of that you have successfully removed the unwanted program but still you are getting an error notification such as missing DLL file (dynamic link-library files) or file not found are usual. Sometime repair is as easy as reinstalling the application and after that uninstalling it. The reason why uninstalled programs cause lost of issues is that it is directly linked to an annoying prompt  that ask you if you like to eliminate the shared document that is no longer needed. The uninstaller tool will think that piece of shared document is not necessary by other program in fact they are needed. And, if you allow the tool to remove the file then PC will display the error when another program needs it and cannot locate it. 

Even the most experience user face this problem from time to time. The easiest and the simple way to repair this type of uninstalled error is to reinstall the original program.   It will reinstall the shared document so that another program can work. The moment it is reinstalled set the application once again. At this point, make sure to leave the shared documents.Restoring the system is other option that most of the time works making sure that you have a accessible point before the uninstall process.  Open Start menu, click on “all programs,” then “accessories” then click on “system tools” then on “system restore.” Now you will be asked to select a restore point before the problem has started. After uninstalling the application, it’s not uncommon for leftover parts to live after as uninstallers most of the times it miss the Windows database entries. Deleting Windows database entries are sending the Windows on a wild hunt is repair. Though, modifying Windows database is extremely risky and there is no one solution for all the uninstalled programs.

 If the error notification “application not found” is linked with windows startup then you have another option use System Configuration tool and delete the from the startup list.  PC repair tool is all you need tofix uninstalled program errors on your PC. It is very easy to use and can resolve any type of issues like system errors, restore settings, cleans Windows registry etc. Use this repair tool to get rid of any type of PC error.  You can easily run this repair tool manually and automatically and you never have to bother about the error message again.