How to link sarahah to snapchat instagram & Facebook

How to link sarahah to snapchat instagram & Facebook ? Nowadays there is hot trending about Sharahah app that some people say that sarahah android apk is an anonymous. Well, this time Ai software will discuss it in the category of messaging.

what is sarahah app

For firs you must know what is sarahah app. The Sarahah app is actually quite popular in the Middle East and North Africa, but recently all the continents of Europe, America and the rest of the world began to recognize the applications developed by Saudi Arabian developers.

The workings or algorithms of the Sarahah app basically allow people to post completely anonymous comments to other users, without the way the recipient answers or knows who sent them to them. So many people assume that Sarahah is anonymous. But in its current development because Sarahah this app can be used anonymously, recently get a lot of criticism for triggering online intimidation, well although the early emergence of Sarahah apk is meant for self-reflection.

Sarahah helps you in finding your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and friends personally. Because according to the Arabic the word Sharahah means “honesty” or “openness,” is a medium for giving feedback on work in anonymous settings, a simple initial concept with the aim that Users can post honest opinions to other profile pages without giving their identity. Finally now android application is widely used by young people.

How to link sarahah to snapchat instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social network ?

How to link sarahah to snapchatImage credit from . It can not be denied that many people use this function to send pictures of messages they receive from Sarahah to their friends in Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter ultimately making it the ultimate goal of the Sharahah app to lay the foundation for people to help others recognize their strengths and weaknesses without the awkwardness of telling their faces or in other words as Anonymous to be useless. 😀

well.. This is the easy way How to link sarahah to snapchat

  1. For first You must log in in your Saranah acount
  2. Open your Snapchat and  take a picture or video that you want
  3. See your snapchat screen on right menu paperclip icon than click and check for
  4. This will give you towards the Saranah website. Look for your Sarahah profile name
  5. If you have doing sarahah login, hit ‘Attach to Snap’, as well as your Sarahah and Snapchat accounts is going to be linked. 😀
  6. Yah, now youcan see Saranah and Snapchat acount that you hace has connected 😀

And this is the second way how to put sarahah on snapchat story.

  1. First, you have to produce a new snap.
  2. Next visit a paper clip-on the best side of the image in which you can add such things as text, emoji, and pictures.
  3. Here, you are able to type a hyperlink for your Sarahah profile
  4. Send it as being an immediate message or combine it with your Snapchat Story.
  5. After published, your friend can swipe to gain access to the hyperlink and instantly write an anonymous message for you.

The standards supporting Sarahah’s impressive growth are based on Snapchat. So Many users publish their Sarahah URLs to Snapchat so supporters can rapidly send them anonymous messages.

So.. are you have used Sarahah snapchat today ? 😀