Info about the Coming of the Storm GZDoom remake news

Info about the Coming of the Storm GZDoom remake news

Facts about the Coming of the Storm GZDoom remake.

Good day everybody !

I would like to existing you this job I am working just lately on.

WolfenDoom: Coming of the Storm is a admirer WIP remake of the traditional Wolfenstein 3D mod Coming of the Storm that was produced in 2004 by WSJ. This mod turned famed not only for a excellent level structure, but also for several modifications of the Wolf3D motor, this kind of as storm lighting,rain drops, ambient seem consequences and directional sprites. Given that COTS is a Wolf3D dependent mod with modified motor, it can only be played in MS-DOS emulators like Dosbox. That restrictions the game´s resolution, speed and playability. A whole lot of people today also have tricky periods with Dosbox configuration and new ones also with the command prompt.

For these motive I have decided to remake this mod in GZDoom. GZDoom provides far better resolution, mouse appear, additional snug keyboard options and it doesn´t have an bothersome command prompt.

This mod will incorporate remakes of all unique 18 degrees additionally three model new designed for multiplayer. Of class all 18 maps will be multiplayer suitable as effectively (for DM and Coop modes).

New Attributes:

  • 18 unique maps + three new for MP
  • unique COTS graphic and seem consequences
  • eight weapons – knife, pistol, smg, chaingun, rifle…
  • Dynamic lighting for particular objects – lamps, furnaces, torches…
  • Merchandise score program from Mac port of Wolfenstein 3D
  • Multiplayer
  • Storm
  • Ambient seem consequences

Screenshot Doom 20171010 183704

Screenshot Doom 20171010 183758

Screenshot Doom 20171010 183824

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