Kuo: Reports of iPhone 8 Sales Woes ‘Overdone’ and ‘Excessively Negative’

Kuo: Experiences of Iphone 8 Sales Woes ‘Overdone’ and ‘Excessively Negative’

Experiences of lessen than anticipated initially weekend Iphone 8 income are “overdone,” KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explained to buyers in a new notice sent out this night. Kuo suggests that based on estimates of Iphone 8 production and research facts from Localytics, the current market is “excessively destructive” on Iphone 8 income.

According to Kuo, initially weekend income of the Iphone 8 have been not weak, but secure. He thinks Apple is expecting a 50/50 demand split between Iphone X and Iphone 8 and 8 Additionally, and income of the latter two devices are on focus on when getting that into consideration.

We earlier approximated the production weighting of new 2017 Iphone designs at about 50% Iphone X and 50% Iphone 8/ 8 Additionally. This matches what we think is Apple’s (US) estimate for demand. At initially glance, the blended initially-week adoption charge for the Iphone 8/ 8 Additionally may possibly show up minimal (about half that of Iphone 6s/ 6s Additionally and seven/ seven Additionally). Nonetheless, this is due to the actuality that the Iphone X is not involved, not because Iphone 8/ 8 Additionally initially weekend income have been weak.

The latest facts from Localytics observed that the Iphone 8 Additionally is much more well-known than the Iphone 8, which Kuo suggests aligns with KGI’s production-facet observations. Whilst income have been lessen general, the Iphone 8 Additionally saw the strongest initially weekend adoption charge of any Additionally-sized Iphone to date.

We notice that production of the Iphone 8 versus 8 Additionally in 3Q17F is about split down the center of a whole of sixteen-18mn units. This reflects Apple’s imagining that demand for these two designs will be similar, at the very least in the early levels. In reality, according to Localytics, Iphone 8 Additionally income fared somewhat much better than people of the Iphone 8 throughout the initially weekend, even though the former’s shipping time was for a longer time, according to Apple’s on line retail outlet.

Kuo thinks the current market is destructive on initially weekend Iphone 8 income because current market analysts depend overmuch on noticed income momentum in unlocked/SIM-cost-free channels these as the Apple Store, even though overlooking income momentum inside of provider channels.

Iphone 8 traces exterior of Apple retail shops have been certainly shorter this 12 months than in past decades, suggests Kuo, but there was secure initially weekend demand inside of provider channels. Most persons who camp exterior of Apple Suppliers to obtain devices are “presumably hardcore Apple supporters and heavy buyers” who are waiting for the Iphone X, which he suggests describes the perceived deficiency of demand.

Though Kuo thinks initially weekend income of the Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Additionally are on track, he warns that Iphone 8 and 8 Additionally shipment momentum may not be secure and requires to be carefully monitored as the start of the Iphone X methods.

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