Lara Croft Go For PC WINDOWS XP/7/8/10 or Mac Download Link

Lara Croft Go For PC.1

Lara Croft go for pc . You must be familiar with the name clara croft and perhaps you also watch the movie in tom rider , right . but this time I’ll give you the info on this game ” lara croft go” .

This is a turn-based puzzle game, where you move Lara Croft along the diagonal directions, where Lara moves first and then all obstacles and enemies move afterward. Everything has a particular set of rules to it, like snakes which can only be attacked from the sides or rear, enemies that chase you, boulders that will roll endlessly until stopped, and more.

Lara can use her1 pistols to take out some enemies, but otherwise you’ll need to cleverly use the environment, or the spears you find, to defeat foes. The game doesn’t really provide a good justification in the narrative for as to why Lara can’t just shoot these creatures from a far off distance with her guns, but let’s just roll with the fact that a spear is more powerful than a pair of pistols.

But it’s also not like any other Tomb Raider game. Lara Croft Go is a turn-based game that offers you an often multi-layered puzzle with each of a maze’s rooms. To begin with, the puzzles are straightforward. Lara might only have to work out which way around the path she must go to reach the exit at first. Then perhaps attempt to avoid a weak floor that she can only pass over once before falling to her death.


Not difficult to understand what to do Lara at every level, Lara purpose here is only one reaching the finish point. He must pass a variety of enemies and solve a series of puzzles to reach the final destination . so do you wanna play this games follow steps below to download in our pc.

download Lara Croft Go for pc windows xp 7 8 10

1. Open your PC or Laptop and then you must to install bluestacks , This is an third party service with an Android Emulator that it can run on your PC.

2. After it, Lets open your Blustacks application and then search the menu Play Store. This is verry usr friendly, just like if you use your mobile phone or tablets. This is verry simple. And then find Lara Croft Go For PC and install it. Wait untill the instalation process finished and open that applycation games and let get fun with this feature, dont forget to find Lara Croft Go For PC sign up link for first ?.