‘Problem With Skype Recording Device’ In Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

Skype video and Audio calls worked lately. You have been enjoying the use without any hitch. At a point you experienced an error emanating from the video calling feature with information of why it’s behaving abnormally. Next you tried to find solution by resorting to Google search only to come up with handful of procedures which didn’t help the problem.

Image showing Problem with recording device

If you are having this problem with your Skype while trying to make video call and a warning highlighted in yellow comes up with the message, ‘Problem with recording device’ in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, this instruction is meant for. It will help you to forestall the problem in time.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Sing Out

STEP 1:  Sign out of your Skype.

Image showing red arrow pointing to File explorer

STEP 2:  Click on ‘File Explorer’ to continue.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Desktop

STEP 3: Right-click on ‘Desktop’ to the right-hand corner of your screen.

Image showing Manage

STEP 4:  Right-click on ‘This PC’ and select ‘Manage’ to continue.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Device Manager

STEP 5: At ‘Device Management’ click ‘Device Manager’.

Image showing red arrow to small arrow besides Display adapter

STEP 6:  Click the little arrow pointing to ‘Display adapter’ to expand it.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Uninstall

STEP 7:  Right-click on graphic driver and select ‘uninstall’ to uninstall it. 

Image of windows Restarting

STEP 8:  Click on ‘OK’ to restart your system.

Image showing red arrow pointing to device driver installing

STEP 9:  Wait for Windows to re-install the ‘Display adapter’ device driver.

Image showing Skype signing in

STEP 10: Sign into your Skype and test the video call.

If you are still experiencing the problem after the instruction, uninstall Skype and delete every file associating with it from your system. Download the latest Skype and install it.  

Source: http://all4naija.blogspot.com/