Skelattack – Character Design tutorial

Skelattack – Character Design tutorial

A quick rundown of what I need to have to emphasis on when coming up with people for Skelattack. Illustrations and in-depth strategies provided!

Skelattack will have a whole lot of NPCs hanging close to! Every single a person will be different from the last, whether in the variety of creature they are, or just basic personality. This offers me a whole lot of liberty.

Right here are some important points I should contemplate when coming up with for this match:


Even though it is a pleasant daydream to style a character with 50 spikes on his back again, a forehead tattoo, ammunition belts strapped to his upper body, a nose ring, and a golden belt buckle with a clever slogan on it, you should maintain in intellect the last sizing of the character on the monitor. Though it is an interesting style notion, reducing that down to a sprite which is a hundred pixels tall leads to a ton of readability issues and will just glimpse like a mess. That rule will not be genuine for each and every match, but we indies need to have to be careful.

Let us glimpse at Skully (the key character) to get a better notion.

“Hi there!”

He’s so simple! Maintain in intellect, simple does not equivalent unexciting. I set out to make a recognizable character who is also interesting to glimpse at. Significant facial functions enable me to conveniently clearly show his feelings to the participant even when he’s shrunk down for the last match.

His arms and legs are a great deal extra simplified than an real skeleton, and this was by option. It makes him a lot easier to animate as nicely, and Skully has extra animations than any other character in the match!

[ The style ideas I’m utilizing right here are also existing in the environment of marketing. Believe of some of the most iconic logos of the last number of many years: Nike, Apple, McDonalds, Pepsi, Playstation. They are exceptionally memorable because of to their simplicity. These manufacturers should be equipped to display their symbol on a billboard or on a little business card devoid of decline of high quality or legibility. These exact principles can implement to character style. Of class, no rule is carved in stone and you should do what’s proper for your job! ]


As a young artist I would outline Almost everything in black. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, truly. As I acquired extra about coloration I resolved to drop that strategy in favor of coloration-based mostly outlines. A ebook shelf will have a dim brown outline, a stone statue will have a dim grey outline. I do this with all the things in the match now. It is a tiny added operate to touch up all the outlines, but I truly like the close consequence. It makes the graphics a little bit softer, and truly appears to tie all the people into a scene.


There are no boundaries right here! When generating notion artwork for Skelattack’s people, really a great deal any form/sizing you can think about would have some price as a character. This truly comes in useful with the many skeleton people: alter the form of the skull to be extra elongated or have sharper edges, improve or lessen the peak, alter the form/sizing/spot of the eye sockets, etcetera. There are so a lot of variations to be created, and it can be exciting to get out of my comfort and ease zone and build some genuinely odd people!

Have exciting with it!


Outdoors of the form and dialogue of your character, I use props and garments to convey to a non-verbal story. A significantly mild rock character has a flower growing on his head to exaggerate his mild character. An discovering skeleton has a sun hat and backpack to clearly show that he’s completely ready for experience at a moment’s see. Any props I increase will be simple, but conveniently recognizable. Get a glimpse at this jolly fellow down below. As pointed out by now, the flower on his head offers a mild touch. His huge system, huge-set eyes and delicate smile give the emotion that he would not harm a fly. If this character were not created of stone, he’d fundamentally be a big teddy bear!

“I want a pet cat.”

Character props can also reference home furniture that belongs to them in a certain scene. Right here, we see a fairly frustrated skeleton consuming some thing with a substantial alcohol articles just after greeting the wrong close of an arrow. A solitary candle lights the place. His props strengthen his existing mood with subtlety. He isn’t going to say, “It truly sucks that I have an arrow in my facial area…time to get drunk!” He isn’t going to need to have to say this uncomfortable little bit of dialogue, since his props say it for him. We are free of charge to have him say other points.

Paper vs. Digital

Obviously, Skelattack is a electronic match with electronic assets. But a lot of of my ideas get started on paper. I can have my sketchbook with me all over the residence and out into the environment, and sketch as I you should. It is pretty informal and fast, which is what I prefer when ideas get started forming. After I have some points that I want to operate with, I’ll scan the web site and get it proper into Photoshop to operate on it further more. Based on how nicely-shaped the notion is in my intellect, sometimes I hop onto the computer system and get started concepting there. Remaining relaxed with the two mediums is crucial to my workflow, and now I can operate on Skelattack no issue wherever I am in the environment.

A web site from my sketchbook.

At times, I prefer paper as it retains me on my toes and forces me to be extra considerate in my option of strains and shapes. Other times, I enjoy the liberty to make a lot of mistakes even though operating on my Cintiq. The close consequence is the exact, so it isn’t going to issue how that foundation is created.

That’s all for today. Thanks for your time, and I’ll see you close to!


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