The Pixel 2 XL has a serious screen burn-in problem – BGR

The Pixel 2 XL has a serious screen burn-in problem – BGR

The Pixel two and Pixel two XL are offered for acquire if you even now can find your ideal model, but that does not necessarily mean you really should hurry to invest in just one if you have not purchased yours yet. That goes double for the Pixel two XL, the most enjoyable product of the two, which has a couple of extreme screen challenges you really should be conscious of.

We already talked about the sub-par screen encounter the Pixel two XL delivers, just one that could be fixed by application updates and hardware advancements. But Google is currently investigating an even more frustrating issue: screen burn up-in.

OLED panels have the theoretical risk of developing screen burn up-in or ghost images. That generally occurs immediately after a screen demonstrates the exact same graphic in excess of a extended period. But the Pixel two XL is developing screen burn up-ins only a couple of times immediately after its start:

Which is worrisome, but Google is already investigating the make any difference, according to a statement made to The Verge:

The Pixel two XL screen has been designed with an sophisticated POLED technological innovation, together with QHD+ resolution, broad shade gamut, and higher contrast ratio for normal and wonderful colours and renderings. We place all of our merchandise through intensive quality tests before start and in the producing of each individual device. We are actively investigating this report.

We can only hope that Google and LG will deal with this before long. Meanwhile, if you want to check out if your device is influenced, basically use a grey history and glance for the “ghost” of the navigation buttons on the bottom.

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