WhatsApp Test To Try Business Features

How to use whatsapp for business promotion ? nowadays, As reported by Ai software, basides from whatsapp official page if the user stores the name on the smartphone phonebook, the name that appears on the WhatsApp screen will match as set.

whatsapp for business communication

WhatsApp initiates a trial program for verified business accounts. This account of whatsapp for business marketing can be used by businesses or companies to communicate directly with customers through WhatsApp.

The business account will be easily recognizable. The account will have a green pin marked next to the contact’s name. In addition, the text of the conversation with the verified business contact will be yellow instead of black.

If the whatsapp enterprise of business account number is not saved, the user sees the name as registered by the business owner. Especially for this business account, users have no option to block.

Currently, only a small number of business users participate in the pilot program. Not yet known when this subsidiary of Facebook will launch business features for a wider audience.

WhatsApp currently has about 1 billion active daily users. However, this instant messaging service has not yet made any money advertising through whatsapp.

The existence of this business platform, likely to be a new source of income for Facebook. But on the other hand, there is also the possibility of Facebook will not monetize from the feature. Then how to do whatsapp marketing ? our next article will have this tech news 😀